Container Tracking API

Ocean Container Tracking API Serves Status Events from All Major Ocean Carriers

Ocean freight tracking API

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It’s never been more challenging for shippers to simply know where their ocean freight is, when it will arrive, and why it was delayed. At VIZION API, we automatically push the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking events to any software system or spreadsheet, so shippers get end-to-end visibility into the freight that drives their business.

Track Shipments By

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Container Number
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Master Bill of Lading
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Auto Carrier Identification


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Track 98% of global shipments via Carrier List
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Instant On, flexible data access with documentation
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Immediately begin tracking by Container Number or Master Bill of Lading
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Industry-leading data quality + transparency
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99+% Standardization of Raw Carrier Events + AIS Data
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7,000+ unique events turned into 60 standardized milestones and ETAs
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Enrichment of multiple data sources (EDI, API, Web Scrape, AIS, Rail, Terminal Websites) offers the most complete picture of container updates
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Data feeds are refreshed multiple times daily to minimize latency

Tracking 98% of Global Shipments

Connect your ERP, TMS, spreadsheet, or other systems to VIZION’s Container Tracking API to get a complete view of all your containerized shipments with easy access to all key milestone details when necessary. Benefit from event standardization across all carriers and partners; you no longer need to manage the “dialects” of each transport partner.

APIs Deliver Instant On Tracking

VIZION’s innovative container tracking API connects carrier information with additional data sources to provide standardized and validated tracking events. Use VIZION tracking data to enable fully consolidated shipment overviews, actionable details, and performance statistics to increase efficiency long-term.

Standardized Milestones Across Carriers

Consolidated status information and notifications on completed milestones and scheduled events are available via API or web service in any common data format. Carrier events and activities are mapped to a single meaningful data model. We standardize the multitudes of ever-changing different representations for you and actively make sure that carrier data are mapped to this model in the best possible way.

Leverage Ready-to-Use Enriched Data

VIZION enriches every location and vessel with information from proprietary and third-party datasets to simplify building your own visibility solution. We geocode all locations and facilities, label them with UNLOCODES, and provide GPS coordinates. VIZION identifies each vessel using its full name, IMO, MMSI, and voyage ID.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

The ability to compare performance over time across carriers is a huge asset that provides a solid basis for decision-making. With VIZION data, you can benchmark carrier information, increasing the significance and reliability of your statistics. This valuable information is well structured in JSON payloads that VIZION pushes to your webhook URL.

Improve Efficiency in Operations

With visibility comes efficiency: Start acting on foreseeable delays rather than reacting at the time of disruption. Reduce demurrage and detention charges. Avoid the follow-up cost of “lost shipments.“

Discover API Use Cases & Potential ROI

Having end-to-end visibility and access to real-time data and alerts is an integral part of achieving improved KPIs in the areas of personnel productivity, demurrage & detention, customer experience and financial cost management. VIZION presents the use case and potential ROI for:

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