Is the Freight Industry Ready for 100% Real-Time Container Tracking

Is the Freight Industry Ready for 100% Real-Time Container Tracking

The story of real-time container tracking in the logistics industry is often similar to the adage of the dog that finally caught its tail. However, once shippers set out to achieve real-time container tracking, at first glance, they often realize that they've bitten off much more than they can chew.

Without the right technology, real-time container tracking is an ongoing hassle that entails tons of time-consuming manual processes. Thankfully, 100% real-time container tracking doesn't have to be a nightmare for modern shippers. With solutions such as VIZION API, shippers can leverage automation to enjoy the many benefits of real-time container tracking without all the headaches.

Are Logistics Managers Ready to Say "Yes, We Have 100% Real-Time Container Tracking"?

There are several reasons why real-time container tracking remains such an important goal for logistics managers, even if it often requires an immense amount of time and resources. Without the visibility provided by real-time container tracking, shippers face several challenges. Increased risk of demurrage and detention fees, product spoilage and damage, and poor customer experiences due to stockouts and no shipment visibility are just a few issues that real-time container tracking can help eliminate.

So, why is 100% real-time container tracking not the industry standard? Why hasn't every shipper? The answer is that manual container tracking and tracing is costly, time-consuming, and error prone. Without the right technology, 100% real-time container tracking is too tall for most shippers.

Technology for Track and Trace in the Supply Chain is How to Confidently Say "Yes!"

The benefits of 100% real-time container tracking are undeniable, but is it worth the ongoing effort required? With the right track and trace supply chain technology, this is a question your company won't have to confront.

Manual track and trace methods entail a lot of hands-on data collection, requiring shippers to track down every container individually. Unless you are shipping tiny volumes, this approach is unsustainable. In addition to being time-consuming and costly, manually collecting container tracking data is a process prone to errors that can create even more delays, hassles, and expenses for your company.

A better solution is to automate your container tracking data collection process with a real-time container tracking API. For example, with VIZION API, shippers can receive real-time alerts about container event milestones and shipping exceptions. By pushing the most complete, detailed, and standardized container tracking data to your TMS or software system/spreadsheet, VIZION API eliminates the drawbacks of manual data collection. In addition, it frees up teams to manage exceptions.

What Are the Benefits of Real-Time Container Tracking?

You can look forward to several benefits when you use track and trace supply chain technology such as VIZION API to achieve 100% real-time container tracking without the drawbacks. Some of the top benefits of real-time container tracking include:

  1. The ability to improve customer satisfaction by offering them reliable, real-time shipping updates
  2. The ability to manage inventory levels more effectively and prevent stockouts
  3. Enabling management by exception by allowing you to respond to shipping exceptions in real-time
  4. An improved ability to find vessel capacity and reduce reliance on costly alternative modes
  5. Actionable insights into shipping trends

These are just a few benefits shippers leveraging VIZION API can enjoy. With effortless access to the most reliable and up-to-date tracking data, there is no shortage of ways for shippers to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost their ROI.

Reap the Benefits of 100% Real-Time Container Tracking

Are you ready for the benefits of 100% real-time container tracking? With VIZION API, the answer to that question can be a resounding "yes!". To learn more about how VIZION can help you achieve 100% real-time container visibility without the nightmares of manual data collection and processing, book a VIZION API demo today!

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