How Integration to Track a Container Shipment Helps BCOs

How Integration to Track a Container Shipment Helps BCOs

According to a 2022 report in Talk Business, “57.4% of shippers require carriers to provide real-time visibility before they can earn shippers’ business.” This data reveals that most shippers know the importance of fully-integrated container tracking. Though there are many ways to track a container shipment, the latest visibility solutions provide data-rich, real-time services that give importers and BCOs the freedom to make real-time decisions to solve real-world logistics crises.  

Container Traceability Boosts Collaboration to Avoid Missed Pickups, Transfers, or Deliveries

To stay competitive in today’s crowded logistics marketplace, importers and BCOs should allow customers to track a container shipment. Though it may seem simple, the ability to track a container shipment can mean avoiding costly missed pickups, transfers, or deliveries. These missed connections can be a sure-fire way to sour valuable business relationships. 

By utilizing an automated programming interface (API), logistics businesses can offer unprecedented transparency to clients.

Visibility to Track a Container Shipment in Real-Time Keeps Customers Informed and Happy

In 2021, Loquate reported, “Eight percent of first-time domestic deliveries fail, costing retailers an average of $17.20 per order or $197,730 per year.” Though these numbers may seem minor initially, the cumulative effect of many missed deliveries can quickly help tank a bottom line. 

Using advanced logistics technology to track a container shipment, BCOs can keep their customers apprised of shipping times and statuses. These assets can allow customers to plan for delivery, saving them from frustrating missed deliveries and saving a bottom line from steep costs. 

It Reduces Risk of Over- or Under-Ordering and Stockouts

Simple container number tracking, enabled by a high-tech hat ocean logistics software provider, can drastically reduce the risk of over or under-ordering and costly stockouts. By providing a real-time platform containing the exact location of a fleet’s containers, BCOs and importers can better understand their stock. 

With persistent supply chain issues continuing to rile the logistics market, it’s more important than ever that importers clearly understand where–and when–their goods are within their logistics processes. 

It Helps to Save Wasted Resources by Dispatching Trucks ONLY When Ready

According to a 2021 FreightWaves article, “The American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) annual survey of the top industry issues found that the driver shortage was the No. 1 issue for the fifth year in a row.” With the ongoing driver shortage continuing to make drayage and overland transportation challenging to arrange, timing can be everything. 

Giving logistics partners access to real-time, easily accessible container number tracking can help them be where and when they need to be there.

Traceability Allows for More Agile Supply Chains That Work With Freight Flows

When integrated into a high-tech logistics software platform, tracking container numbers allows BCOs and importers to respond quickly to logistics crises. With track container number abilities, BCOs can adjust for freight flows and adapt in real-time to the demands of 21st Century container vessel logistics. 

When all it takes to track container numbers are an easily-integrated API, there’s no reason for BCOs and importers not to have quick access to a full range of flexible solutions.

A Single Source of Integrated Data Empowers BCOs With Analytics Across All Operations

With a fully integrated container tracking API, BCOs and importers only need to log into one platform. That platform can extend across all operations, allowing for unprecedented visibility across the logistics process. Whether accessing the logistics platform via TMS, web portal, or other tech, importers and BCOs using a high-tech, integrated API can gain instant access to a vast range of data analytics. 

With wide-ranging data that encompasses the whole of operations, importers and BCOs can access the visibility they need to stay competitive in today’s logistics market. 

Leverage Absolute Transparency in Container Number Tracking with VIZION API

With customers wondering who to trust in a high-stakes logistics marketplace, BCOs and importers must offer absolute transparency in their logistics operations. By utilizing an integrated API across all functions, importers and BCOs can show their customers that they want to get their shipments to them on time. Contact Vizion for a demo today, and see what the future of logistics holds for your business. 

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