The 5 Key Benefits of Shipping Container Tracking Technology via API

The 5 Key Benefits of Shipping Container Tracking Technology via API

A lot has changed over the years with shipping services and customer expectations. One of the most apparent is the need for fast and reliable container tracking for ocean shipments. Whether it happens by container number tracking, real-time GPS tracking or some other technological method, accurate on-demand monitoring, and container visibility are more critical than ever due to the ongoing disruptions seen with ocean freight shipping. 

According to a March 2022 review from SupplyChainDive, "After almost two years into the pandemic, shippers want to see relief in 2022. First, COVID-19 emerged, then came unexpected variants, and now there is a risk of global disruption following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Stakeholders in the industry don't see much relief coming for shippers anytime soon. It will not get better, and 2023 will be worse." This grim outlook leaves many shippers and customers alike with one pressing question - how can I track my container efficiently?

Why Container Tracking Matters for Ocean Freight Shipping

The need for track and trace services is vital for ocean freight shipping because the ongoing delays, disruptions, backlogs, and issues have profoundly impacted most ocean freight lanes. 

Before the pandemic and global shutdowns of ports, warehouses, and supply chains, many considered shipping container tracking a nice perk or additional service. Now, tracking and monitoring shipments and on-demand access to container location updates are considered table stakes in international shipping rather than an optional service. Ocean freight is most susceptible to delays and shipping issues, so tracking in-transit containers ranks high as an essential perk.

When accurate freight container monitoring and tracking are made available, shippers, carriers, and customers alike can enjoy the following benefits.

1. Reliable Access to Real-Time Industry Data

Container tracking provides reliable access to industry tracking data and reports related to cargo shipments, ocean freight, and general ocean transportation news, all in real-time.

2. Easier Access to Container Capacity

Capacity issues continue to plague the shipping and transportation industry, so tracking a container number on-demand can help managers better monitor available capacity.

3. Faster Response to Delays and Disruptions

Delays are bound to happen with everything happening in the supply chain today, and container tracking provides real-time notifications that allow for fast and reliable responses to disruptions.

4. Expert Insights Into Shipping Trends

Shipping trends are extremely volatile today as the market continues to recover, so the ability to track your shipping container offers actionable insights that are otherwise unavailable.

5. Better Cost-Saving Measures to Maximize ROI

Another benefit of fast and reliable shipping container tracking ranks high for shippers and carriers is the boost to ROI and overall profits compelling shipping offers.

How to Maximize Ocean Freight Shipping Container Tracking

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why knowing how to track your container and manage ocean freight transport can make everything easier during shipping. BCOs can optimize ocean container tracking in the following ways to boost overall success and performance:

  • Transparent tracking and monitoring for on-demand notification updates. 
  • Stronger relationships with shippers, carriers, customers, and brokers. 
  • Cloud-based tools and platforms make it easier to coordinate and collaborate.
  • Less time spent on menial tasks, back-office work, and mundane processes. 
  • Ability to let supply chain management members focus on more meaningful aspects.

Reaping the benefits of technology-backed container tracking can help all involved parties enjoy a faster, easier, and more successful delivery experience from start to finish. 

Partner With the Right Industry Leader and Harness the Power of Shipping Container Track and Trace Services 

It is essential to work with an ocean freight expert who has the tools, technology, and services to provide unmatched visibility to reap the benefits of effective container tracking. With on-demand tracking, improved supply chain visibility, and real-time notifications, you can always know what is going on with a shipment and get access to container location reports. Contact VIZION API today to talk to an expert and learn more about how to answer ‘how I can track my container efficiently?

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