What Is Ocean or Sea Freight Shipping?

What Is Ocean or Sea Freight Shipping?

Ocean freight has long existed as the backbone of importing and exporting products globally. It has borne the brunt of the pressure and demands that plagued the global supply chain in the wake of COVID-19-related disruptions and shutdowns. During this recovery time,  ocean freight shipping remains in high demand as managers struggle to overcome logistical challenges related to shipping container delivery.

As discussed in a late 2021 article by Supply Chain Dive, “One of the biggest challenges to maintaining and improving supply chain visibility is disparate siloed technology systems… When your data is stuck in core enterprise resource planning (ERP) or legacy software systems, managing supplier relationships is a major challenge.” Understanding the connection between international ocean freight shipping and transportation services makes it easier for shippers and carriers to offer the best options for ocean shipping and supply chain visibility today.

Ocean Freight Shipping Represents Global Transportation Trends and Market Demands

The global pandemic has increased ocean transportation and cargo so much that capacity is scarce, and long backlogs and holdups at ports are slowing down shipping worldwide. According to a CNBC report in early 2022, “The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest port in North America, saw record volume in 2021. Container volume at the port, including imports like furniture and apparel, surged to a record 10.6 million TEUs in 2021, almost 16% higher than the previous year.” And these kinds of surges and increases in sea freight volumes are occurring worldwide at an unprecedented level, further putting stress on the supply chain.

Ocean Freight Tracking Services Make the Shipping Process Easier

At the most basic level,  ocean freight includes cargo and shipments moved across oceans on cargo ships and similar vessels. For most imports into the U.S. and a large percentage of exports to other countries, sea freight shipping is the preferred method. Before the pandemic, ocean shipping lanes were always full, and space at ports was at a premium. The need for reliable updates and tacking on the delivery status and reports were already in high demand. 

With such a drastic and widespread increase in demand for ocean freight transportation, the need for fast and reliable tracking systems has naturally followed suit. Implementing real-time monitoring systems and offering on-demand container tracking for ocean transport shipping makes it easier to meet customer needs and satisfy them with delivery and shipping services. With the right technology and innovation, the shipping process becomes more accessible, reliable, and efficient.

Overcoming Port Congestions, Delays, and Disruptions Improves Customer Satisfaction

While delays, backlogs, disruptions, and expenses remain an issue for shippers and carriers specializing in ocean freight, overcoming these global supply chain issues puts companies in a position for continued growth and success. Delays and disruptions happen, but what matters most to customers is what happens after.  

Despite market trends and issues, how companies react and respond to provide the best ocean freight services leaves a lasting impression on customers. Successful tracking and monitoring of sea freight services can help ensure customers are satisfied. Building customer loyalty makes it easier for shipping companies to grow and expand, even during these uncertain times.

Overcoming the Challenges in Global Logistics May Require a New Approach to Ocean Freight Transportation

Of all the lessons learned over the past few years, this might be the most important: a supply chain must be innovative and flexible to achieve growth amid constant fluctuations. This has never been more evident than when considering ocean freight shipping and transportation. 

To continue offering the very best in ocean freight shipping and transportation, a new approach to that includes tracking, and monitoring might become the new normal. Innovative ocean transport shipping and logistics management can help all involved parties overcome current and future disruptions with increased efficiency and adaptability.

Partner with Industry Leader VIZION API Today to Master Sea Freight Shipping Services

New partnerships can help overcome the unique challenges facing the ocean freight industry and maximize the efficiency of international ocean freight shipping services. Improving existing ocean shipping processes and overcoming port congestion and delays is easier with a skilled and experienced partner working with you and your team. Contact VIZION API today to learn more and to get started.

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