No-Code Ocean Container Tracking In Under 60 Minutes

No-Code Ocean Container Tracking In Under 60 Minutes

Welcome to this video about implementing a no-code ocean carrier tracking solution with a VIZION API, Google Sheet and Zapier connection. Aaron from our customer success team is going to walk through how to set up a no-code solution to connect to the VIZION API, input a container ID and get updates about that shipment you entered into the API.

Three things you'll need to get started:

  1. A VIZION API key: Please visit the VIZION website. Book a demo to talk to our sales team to understand if the product that we provide is a fit for your ocean visibility needs and beyond. From there a member of our customer success team can give you a unique API key.
  2. Google Account: You will need a Google account for this setup so that you have access to the Google drive in which we will utilize Google sheets for your container output.
  3. A Zapier account: We utilize Zapier to automate your triggers and take the manual process out of container tracking.

Highlights from the video set up:

  • VIZION provides a template for users to download from Google Docs that eliminates need to create (1:20)
  • Arron walks through the details have how to input your Container ID and where to view Payload output (3:10)
  • VIZION supported carriers and the carrier codes needed for input (3:58)
  • Arron reviews Zapier account setup and a detailed walk through of setting up your Zapier tasks (4:45)
  • Zapier data naming is very specific, Arron gives the exact naming structure to reduce errors in data sent to Vizion API (10:47)
  • Zapier delivers a file that might not be easy to understand, Arron walks through the steps to clean up the data and make it easy to read for anyone viewing (15:01)
  • Full mapping document available upon request to save time setting up Google Sheets and Zapier field mapping (19:30)
  • Final validation in Google Sheets of data send and how to view payload report (20:50)

Ocean container tracking does not need to take an army of developers to put in place. VIZION can get you access to reliable and real time visibility with a simple no-code solution that fits your short or long term goals for ocean tracking. It is important to note that VIZION does not  support anything with Zapier or Google sheets itself, but we believe that everything is fully contained in this video. Any feedback that we get can be addressed to get you better information for this type of container tracking. Feel free to contact us to get started with an API key from our sales team.

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