Building an Effective Supply Chain Software Infrastructure

Building an Effective Supply Chain Software Infrastructure

Technology is the backbone of the current global economy at almost every level. In many cases, though, companies struggle to keep pace with advancing technology. Unfortunately, this is especially true regarding logistics and supply chain management. Today, many organizations have fallen far behind the times in regards to their supply chain software infrastructure, still relying on systems and solutions that are outdated and wildly inefficient solutions. 

The Mounting Challenges of Supply Chain Management 

Those in charge of supply chain management don't have to look far these days to find challenges and concerns. Limited availability of both inventory and transportation, increased disruption and delays, and an inability to keep up with demand are just a few of the pressing issues that supply chain managers face. 

Dealing with these issues is challenging enough in its own right. However, dealing with them while hindered  by an outdated and inefficient supply chain software infrastructure is even more difficult. 

Not having the right software solutions in place creates several supply chain challenges. For one, it leads to much more manual labor, increasing an organization's operating expenses when margins are already slim. Along with inefficiencies, this over-reliance on manual processes also tends to create errors that can lead to further delays and loss of profits. 

One of the most significant issues with not having the proper supply chain software infrastructure in place is that it prevents organizations from creating a transparent supply chain. The benefits of supply chain transparency are multi-faceted. With software such as VIZION's real-time container tracking solution enabling supply chain visibility, organizations can better predict and respond to disruptive events, manage their inventory levels more effectively, identify areas needing improvement, and much more. 

Building an Effective Supply Chain Management Tech Stack 

A lot goes into creating an effective supply chain software infrastructure, starting with the need for real-time container tracking. Knowing where your cargo is and when it will arrive is one of the most important keys to effective supply chain management. If your organization is only relying on carrier ETAs, though, then this question isn't always so easy to answer. 

Technology that automates manual data collection and other processes is vital to tech stack that supports supply chain management. Good data is the lifeblood of modern logistics. Collecting, communicating, and analyzing data manually, though, leads to many errors in addition to being costly and inefficient

Other needs that a supply chain software infrastructure must meet can vary from organization to organization. For example, some require solutions for tracking cargo conditions in addition to location, such as organizations that ship perishable foods or pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, organizations committed to reducing their carbon footprint require software solutions that allow them to reduce the carbon output of various processes in their supply chain. 

Whatever your tech stack entails, supply chain software holds the key that modern organizations need to match the increasing complexity and ever-mounting global trade challenges. 

Visibility: The Key to Supply Chain Software Infrastructure 

There are a lot of capabilities that supply chain software can provide, but few are more impactful than increased visibility. We've already discussed the numerous benefits gained when a supply chain is made more transparent via detailed and accurate data collected and analyzed automatically. These benefits make improving visibility the most important goal when building your supply chain software infrastructure. 

 At VIZION, we are committed to helping our clients improve the visibility of their supply chains via an industry-leading real-time container tracking API that automatically delivers the most detailed, organized, and accurate tracking events available today. By eliminating the need for manual tracking data collection and analysis while also eliminating reliance on notoriously inaccurate carrier ETAs, VIZION empowers organizations to create a fully transparent supply chain while at the same time reducing their operational expenses. Most importantly, VIZION organizes and standardizes tracking data, making it easy to analyze for insights and share between partners. 

With real-time container tracking via VIZION API, organizations can create the transparent supply chains needed to match the increasing challenges of global trade. Contact us today If you want to learn more about the many advantages of adding VIZION to your organization's supply chain software infrastructure.

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