What Is Possible With Improved Ocean or Sea Freight Shipment Tracking & Predictive Visibility

What Is Possible With Improved Ocean or Sea Freight Shipment Tracking & Predictive Visibility

When it comes to sea cargo tracking and freight monitoring, the state of supply chain visibility and transparency always comes into play. Even before the added pressures of global shutdowns and disruptions, ocean freight tracking was an in-demand service. Customers want to know where their products are and when they will arrive. Shippers and carriers want to know how to effectively track a sea freight shipment. And logistics managers want to know how to streamline and improve the delivery process. All of it comes down to enhancing ocean visibility.

The Current Volatility of Sea Transportation Makes Ocean Freight Tracking a Necessity

The demand for reliable and affordable sea freight tracking is higher than ever, thanks to continuing delays and disruptions at ports around the globe. The COVID pandemic turned the supply chain on its head. Even as recovery efforts continue, ongoing delays are likely with ocean freight shipments and container visibility.

As highlighted by CNBC in an October 2021 report, “Shipping backups at big U.S. ports, and the resulting goods shortages and price surges, are not likely to resolve themselves until well into 2022, according to economists and some business leaders who have spoken recently. Some 77 ships are waiting outside docks in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, carrying $24 billion worth of goods looking to find their way into the American ecosystem.” Visibility and insight into where cargo containers are at any given moment remain critical for ocean freight tracking, delivery, and monitoring.

Shipping backups at major ports will likely continue for some time, making sea shipment tracking an answer to that pressing problem of how to keep up with changing ETAs. Shipping and transportation companies have primarily had to find ways to keep their products moving on their own amid ongoing supply chain management disruptions. Management makes it easier to master ocean cargo tracking by boosting visibility and transparency. 

How Does Sea Freight Tracking Reduce Costs and Delays?

With real-time track and trace systems, and improved visibility of ocean freight tracking, predictive planning grows easier. And all freight management parties can reap substantial benefits of better ocean freight tracking, including:

  • Up to date location tracking with live maps and notifications.
  • On-demand updates through connected sea shipment tracking apps and tools.
  • Less waste deriving from canceled orders with customer-driven sea freight cargo tracking.
  • More accessible container capacity access and management options.
  • Reliable data and analytics to understand performance through ocean shipment tracking.
  • Lower overall supply chain shipping costs with fewer fees and surcharges by knowing what happened, why, and what’s next.
  • Fewer missed shipments and fewer issues with rolled cargo. 
  • Good rapport with customers and suppliers by keeping them informed through an integrated, connected platform for sea freight line tracking.
  • Lower costs and fewer overall expenses thanks to ocean logistics tracking.
  • Higher profits and ROI thanks to more on-time in-full deliveries. 
  • Faster sea freight cargo tracking and improved responsiveness to disruptions. 
  • Easier collaboration and networking both inside and outside the company.

Ocean Cargo Tracking Is Easier With the Right Industry Experts, so Partner With Vizion API Today 

Keeping up with volatile markets, changing consumer demands, and shipping services trends can be problematic in the best of times. Staying ahead of the competition is more important now than ever, and sound ocean freight tracking and tracking API analytics can offer a cutting-edge advantage. Shippers and carriers utilizing ocean logistics tracking stand the best chance of weathering the current instability and uncertainty facing ocean freight shipping. Contact VIZION API today to learn more about sea transport tracking and how to improve real-time visibility and predictive analytics.

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