Zeus Logics Integrates With Vizion for High-Fidelity Ocean Freight Tracking

Zeus Logics Integrates With Vizion for High-Fidelity Ocean Freight Tracking

Zeus Logics and Vizion have announced a commercial partnership that will make Vizion’s ocean freight visibility data available through Zeus’ Control Tower platform.

Cargo owners and freight forwarders have traditionally used a manual, time-consuming process to track their containers and the products inside them. Typically, they visit the websites of different carriers to get status updates on their ocean freight. Then, based on the information provided by various carriers, they coordinate internally to determine what containers require action versus what containers are on track to meet their estimated times of arrival.

Unfortunately, shipping carriers don’t always make available the most accurate and up-to-date information on container locations. This lack of reliable, accurate ocean freight data could mean that the time and energy spent tracking containers and taking action ultimately goes wasted.

Zeus Logics is partnering with Vizion to ensure that the ocean freight information accessible through its platform includes high-quality data that cargo owners and freight forwarders can use to make informed decisions in as close to real-time as possible.

The Zeus Control Tower platform now allows users to track air, ocean, and rail shipments. In addition to shipment tracking, its supply chain visibility features include document management, shipment messages, automated notifications, plus more. Users depend on Zeus Logics as a platform for organized and centralized data in a single-window system. Given the scope of the data and services that Zeus provides, it would have been time- and cost-prohibitive to build its own ocean freight tracking system. The Zeus team selected Vizion as a strategic partner because of Vizion’s high-fidelity container data.

“We are excited to be able to offer to users a fully integrated visibility, document and workflow management platform using Vizion’s accurate data that covers over 98% of ocean container freight,” said Zeus CEO Christopher Wall.  

Vizion is an ocean freight visibility API that delivers complete, standardized and detailed container tracking information to cargo owners, freight forwarders and logistics technology providers. Vizion regularly partners with organizations like Zeus that are already providing supply chain-related data and services but that need a partner to provide highly reliable and accurate information related to containers shipped as ocean freight.

“Greater visibility can be the tool that empowers shippers to overcome today’s supply chain issues,” said Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson. “We’re proud to make our ocean freight tracking information available to Zeus users alongside visibility data for other modes of transportation.”

Zeus users can use Vizion’s ocean freight visibility data to create real-time notifications and implement robust document management workflows and processes. Ultimately, Zeus users will save time, energy and money that was once spent on highly manual and often unreliable approaches to tracking ocean freight.


About Zeus

Zeus provides modular supply chain and compliance management tools to cargo owners and logistics services providers. Zeus’ SaaS solutions help organizations quickly understand the state of their supply chains and what parts need action while simultaneously managing documents and compliance.  

About Vizion

Vizion is an API-based solution for ocean freight visibility. The company’s API helps logistics service providers, cargo owners, and other stakeholders act on their digital ambitions by integrating essential data and insights into existing enterprise systems and delivering a stronger customer experience. Vizion’s products include visibility APIs, data benchmarking, and enriched, accessible datasets built on fundamentally sound information technology infrastructures.

Source: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/593206193/zeus-logics-integrates-with-vizion-for-high-fidelity-ocean-freight-tracking

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Brad Riddell 



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