How to Evaluate an Ocean Freight Visibility Provider or Partner

How to Evaluate an Ocean Freight Visibility Provider or Partner

If the supply chain network is the system that keeps things moving, then ocean freight transportation is the energy that fuels the system. Maintaining high levels of transparency and good ocean freight visibility is critical for successful delivery. The ability to implement reliable track and trace processes for ocean containers is critical for today's ocean freight industry. This is especially true in light of current market trends, customer demands, and economic instabilities. In April 2022, Fortune magazine reported this point in an April 2022 report, "A shortage of trucks to haul containers from the port is impeding the clearance of imports[...] Shanghai is now the epicenter of China's worst COVID outbreak in two years, with almost 20,000 new cases reported" in a single day. As the lockdown in Shanghai continues,, ocean freight will experience disruptions, delays, and backlogs.

These will continue to cause rolled cargo containers to be an issue and increase fees and expenses for shipping cargo. All of this upheaval and unpredictability make planning a nightmare. As a result,  shippers will need more ocean container tracking visibility. The following points are just some ways to evaluate an ocean transportation visibility platform for efficiency, productivity, and practicality.

Review Data From Across All Modes Available for Consideration

While ocean cargo shipments are their unique mode of transportation, other modes may also be utilized in conjunction in drayage and beyond. Different service providers may have access to carriers and shippers who use secondary transportation modes such as air and rail to complete the final delivery of goods. Having strong ocean freight visibility and a coupled with a reliable industry provider makes it easier to utilize available options and secure the fastest and most reliable options for shipper demands.

Assess Data Quality and Reliability to Get Started Off Strong

Ocean freight visibility relies heavily on accurate data, real-time statistics, and live updates. Knowing where ships and containers are at any given time, what delays are to be expected, and what disruptions currently impact shipments makes it easier to coordinate with customers about altered ETA and delivery arrangements. Quality real-time data analytics and practical application processes allow carriers and shippers to coordinate and collaborate more efficiently.

Consider Actionable Insights and Value Gained From Data

One of the reasons why shippers and carriers partner with industry experts that understand ocean freight visibility is to reap the benefits of such a partnership. A good provider pulls guidance from accurate ocean tracking data and can offer actionable insights and recommendations. Shippers and carriers alike can benefit from better insights into ocean freight logistics. Having industry experts for advice can make it easier to manage freight and balance profits and expenses.

Evaluate Whether Data Use Can Automate Workflows

Another reason to partner with providers experienced with ocean freight visibility is to utilize automated technologies. The ability to automate work, reduce back-office man hours, maximize profits, capitalize on available capacity, and maintain customer satisfaction levels has become more feasible with automated systems that reduce waste. A supply chain visibility provider helps automate and streamline the move to optimize the entire ocean transport process.

Consider Ability to Connect Data to Other Companies' Systems

When looking for the best ocean freight visibility provider, it is essential to consider what connections and industry insights will be accessible within the system. Such insights should make it easier to network within the shipping and transportation industry and improve collaborations between shippers, carriers, brokers, and customers. The right industry experts provide a real-time container tracking view of the marketplace and allow for greater profits and improved ROI from start to finish.

Choose a World-Class Ocean Visibility Provider to Thrive, VIZION API

The above topics describe why ocean freight visibility is vital to today's suppliers, carriers, and shippers. It also drives home the need for a reliable partnership with statistical and insightful visibility service providers. The right technologies make all the difference globally and can improve end-to-end performance and profitability for those offering ocean freight transportation services. Contact VIZION to talk to an expert and learn more about current ocean freight API opportunities to access the best services, tools, software, and automation available today.

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