The Power of Collaboration: How Industry Partnerships Drive Innovation and Efficiency in Ocean Freight

The Power of Collaboration: How Industry Partnerships Drive Innovation and Efficiency in Ocean Freight

In today’s globalized economy, the transportation industry is becoming more and more interconnected. Companies operate complex supply chain networks that involve numerous stakeholders, from suppliers to logistics providers to customers. Effective supply chain and transportation management require seamlessly integrating various functions by leveraging integrated and collaborative systems. This allows them to coordinate and share information across different departments and partners, facilitating better communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Companies can optimize their supply chain and transportation operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. 

This article presents the key advantages shippers and BCOs gain from Vizion’s innovative partnerships—including those with 3rdWave, BlueBox, Kestrel, and

Industry Partnerships Provide Shippers with Unprecedented Insight

Supply chain partnerships increase supply chain visibility. Shippers and BCOs have increasing demand for visibility to stay competitive—they need real-time information on the location and status of their shipments to make informed decisions and quickly adapt to unforeseen disruptions. By partnering with freight technology providers, shippers can gain access to powerful tools and platforms that provide unprecedented visibility into every aspect of their supply chain. When technology providers partner together, they create the opportunity for greater collaboration and sharing, making it easier for shippers to access and utilize data to optimize their operations.

How VIZION’s Industry Partnerships Offer Shippers the Best in Visibility

VIZION has partnered with other freight technology providers to give their customers access to data in other areas of their supply chains. While VIZION provides container tracking visibility, our partners provide visibility into global trade (3rdWave) and air freight (BlueBox) and improve the processes involved with geofencing (Kestrel Insights) and supply chain connectivity ( Here are four companies we’ve partnered with for more opportunities to build more robust supply chains.

3rdwave Provides the Power of Product Visibility

With 3rdwave, BCOs gain unprecedented visibility into their global trade operations for an enhanced ability to manage and control their supply chain processes. Customers can easily interact with suppliers and trading partners, capture and validate data, and visualize information in the best way for their organization. 3rdwave’s Master Data Management, Duty Drawback, and Global Trade Management capabilities provide comprehensive support for trade compliance, duty optimization, and international transportation.

3rdwave delivers high value in the GTM space enabling BCOs to achieve the highest level of product visibility across their global supply chains while gaining the advantages of automation and control.

With BlueBox, Visibility Takes Flight

BlueBox offers an innovative solution for air freight monitoring, enabling shippers to track shipments in real-time and obtain critical information on estimated delivery times, avoiding costly delays and damage. With BlueBoxAir, their unique air cargo tracking platform, customers gain transparency and real-time oversight of all logistics data, including detailed CO2 emissions tracking and passive trackers. The platform offers seamless integration and quality data to enable logistics and trading companies to optimize their supply chains, react to changing information, and report and analyze their data.

With BlueBoxAir, customers gain significant time and cost savings while reducing the environmental impact of their air freight.

Kestrel Brings Hyper-Localized Tracking to a Troubled Supply Chain

Kestrel Insights is valuable for companies seeking precise and reliable location data. The platform provides access to a global geofencing database, delivering precise boundaries that enable better logistics analytics. Unlike traditional circular geofences, Kestrel Insights provides accurate polygonal maps, allowing logistics companies to avoid costly inefficiencies related to manually drawing geofences. With Kestrel Insights, teams can track critical KPIs such as loads delivered, margins per load, detention time, resource allocation, and more.

The platform's automated geofencing technology equips companies to save money, improve efficiencies, and simplify data access. With global API or bulk upload coverage, Kestrel Insights delivers robust and precise geofencing data sets for better decision-making. Enables Innovation Through Integration is an integration platform designed to connect partners across the global supply chain more efficiently. They recognized the need that supply chain and logistics have for a universal standard adapter that plugs into any system and built it. enables anyone involved in the chain to work with other parties—supply chain vendors, customers, and software platforms—with ease and visibility.

This level of connectivity allows partners across the supply chain can increase revenue, cut costs, and elevate their supply chain visibility, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. 

VIZION Makes it Easy to Get the Data You Need 

With visibility into container tracking, shippers and BCOs can increase their control over supply chain operations, manage risk, and ensure their shipments are delivered on time. With our tpartnerships, customers can rest assured the data they receive from VIZION and our partners is accessible for more streamlined operations and collaboration. To learn more about VIZION API, reach out to us to schedule a demo.

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