Full of Ship Episode Three: Guest Eric Johnson

January 4, 2022

3:39 - Read Eric's Newsletter "The LogTech Letter” at https://ericjohnson.substack.com/

5:15 - The Supply Chain is of Great Interest by Mainstream Media - Eric & Kyle talk about how the supply chain is now water cooler/newsworthy beyond Trade mags, including CNET!

9:14 - What is Causing Port Congestions?

12:43 -  Increase Consumer Demand & Switch from Services to Goods Impacted Congestion

12:44 - A Lot of Factors Impact Port Congestion...And are All Interconnected

16:40 -  Fragmentation, Various Parties with Different Goals Lead to Cascading Port Congestion

19:35 - Port Fees Announced to Try & Incentivize Clearing Backlogs...Will it Work?

22:27 - Will Congestion Solutions by Industry Thoughts Leaders Work...Or is Only Solution Time?