Full of Ship Episode Six: Guest Charley Dehoney

January 10, 2022

4:04 - Led by Rodolphe Saadé, the CMA CGM Group founded ZEBOX in 2018 to Spur Innovation
5:08 - ZEBOX Works with Corporate Partners to Match Startups that Solve Problems
8:24 - ZEBOX Americas will Launch a Corporate HQ Called “LogTech Valley” in Early 2022 in Arlington, VA
9:47 - ZEBOX HQ will Incubate Logistics Startups in a Hyper, Open-Space Collaborative Environment
12:13 - Ecommerce is Driving an Acceleration of Investment In, M&A Activity & Creation of Logistics Tech Startups
15:26 - The Future of a Successful & Efficient Supply Chain will Rest on Turnkey Sourcing of Info & Data Collection
14:06 - Consumers will Continue to Drive Companies to Utilize Supply Chain Efficiency as a Competitive Advantage
19:25 - Edge Computing, IoT, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning will Come into Focus for the 2022 Supply Chain
23:22 - Low Code, No Code Options will Proliferate in Use in 2022 for Info Exchange
26:10 - The Role of Freight FinTech in Driving Supply Chain Efficiency
28:30 - In the Short Term, How do LogTech Buyers Navigate the Explosion of Tech Solutions?
31:21 - ZEBOX can Help Validate or De-Validate Logistics Tech Startups as a Translational Layer for Buyers
34:14 - Will 2022 See More Supply Chain Disruptions? “Today’s Fast is Tomorrow’s Normal”