Full of Ship Episode Four: Guest Eric Johnson

January 4, 2022

26:59 - Why has it been so tough for Forwarders, BCOs, to Get Quality Container Tracking Data?

33:27 - APIs are the Pipes to Getting Stakeholders the Quality Data Needed

38:08 - Tech isn’t as Far Behind in the Industry...It’s the Adoption & Fragmentation Making Visibility Tough

38:30 - How are Perspectives Changing in Tech Adoption in Supply Chain?

41:05 - What are the Hurdles to Overcome in Adopting Modern LogTech?

44:23 - What Types of Logistics & Supply Chain Datasets are Most in Demand?

49:00 - Predictions take Machine Readable Structured Real-Time Data Flows

55:00 - What’s the Status of the Platform-Ization of Global Logistics?

1:02:31 - What Should Attendees Expect at TPMTech2022 in February 2022 at Long Beach?