AutoScheduler.AI & Vizion Strike Commercial Partnership

AutoScheduler.AI & Vizion Strike Commercial Partnership

Leading supply chain companies, AutoScheduler.AI and Vizion, have announced a commercial partnership that aims to integrate and optimize container visibility and warehouse management. This collaboration is set to deliver reduced costs, minimized manual interventions, and improved operational efficiencies for cargo owners, shippers, logistics service providers, and freight forwarders.

AutoScheduler.AI's CEO, Keith Moore, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are excited about our partnership with Vizion to bring full network visibility to our customers and enable AutoScheduler to maximize critical throughput at all of the distribution nodes.”

Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson echoed that sentiment: “Warehouses are a key component and operation in the global supply chains of our container visibility users. This partnership with AutoScheduler is a natural way for both companies to connect their users with complementary supply chain data and services.”

This alliance leverages the strengths of both companies, which seamlessly integrate into users' existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management (WM) systems. This partnership will promote the integration of data from both Vizion and AutoScheduler into any mutual user’s existing platforms effortlessly.

AutoScheduler.AI creates and directly injects dynamic warehouse plans into the WMS to optimize activities based on constraints, ensuring sites run optimally at peak performance. AutoScheduler.AI seamlessly integrates with existing WMS & ERP and provides dynamic dock scheduling, labor level-loading, inventory balancing, proactive cross-docking, redundant workforce elimination, etc.


AutoScheduler.AI dynamically orchestrates all activities on top of your existing WMS – in real-time. With AutoScheduler warehouse operations can be optimized and drive more value without IT or management headaches. AutoScheduler’s Advanced Warehouse Planning solution drives higher degrees of warehouse labor and equipment utilization, thereby reducing labor costs and increasing order fulfillment rates by optimizing work allocation while considering warehouse constraints.


Cargo owners and freight forwarders have traditionally tracked containers by calling carriers or visiting websites. At Vizion, we replace manual, error-prone approaches with an API that pushes accurate location updates and ETAs to your ERP, TMS or other system. Our API normalizes data from multiple sources for fast, confident decision-making. And those sources are already connected, giving you instant-on capabilities. Our data is the most complete and reliable available, including EDI, AIS, port/terminal events, plus more. We refresh these sources multiple times daily to reduce latency to 6 hours or less. Track a container now at

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