79Consulting & Vizion Launch Referral Partnership

79Consulting & Vizion Launch Referral Partnership

79Consulting and Vizion have announced a referral partnership that will connect 79Consulting clients with Vizion’s container tracking data and Vizion user’s with 79Consulting’s NetSuite services.

Many shippers, freight forwarders, logistics services providers and others operating in the supply chain space are using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to manage day-to-day operations. 79Consulting specializes in providing services related to NetSuite, one of the most widely used ERPs on the market. Users of NetSuite and other ERPs need data to appear within their ERP user-interface in order for it to be helpful and actionable — container tracking data included.

79Consulting is currently in the process of building a Vizion application for NetSuite, which would allow any NetSuite user to quickly add ocean container tracking capabilities to their NetSuite experience. For example, retailers with containers entering the U.S. from overseas ports of origin would be able to follow the progress of their shipments in as close to real-time as possible. 

When using a Vizion application within NetSuite, retailers and other users would also enjoy access to important shipping events, like a Last Free Day event that alerts them to when demurrage fees will begin and an Available for Pickup event that lets them know when and where their containers can be collected. 

Vizion’s direct connections to 60-plus ports and terminals around the world make the reporting of Last Free Day and Available for Pickup events possible, in addition to Vizion events made available through other data sources like EDI and AIS.

“We're excited to announce our partnership with Vizion,” said 79Consulting CEO Kishore Bojja, “one that will provide businesses that use NetSuite with a much-needed solution to integrate shipping data with an ERP for real-time visibility.”

“Vizion’s API is designed so that users can connect our data directly to their TMS, ERP or other software systems,” said Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson. “This partnership with 79Consulting is a meaningful step toward ensuring that NetSuite users can seamlessly add high-quality container tracking data to their ERP experience for fast and confident supply chain decision-making.”

The partnership between Vizion and 79Consulting will focus on mutual referrals in the short-term, with plans for an expanded partnership as 79Consulting’s Vizion application for NetSuite becomes available.


With years of industry experience, 79Consulting brings expertise as a NetSuite Solution Provider in delivering complete cloud solutions — including selling NetSuite licenses, implementation and comprehensive support. 79Consulting currently offers eight applications listed on Suiteapp.com, all expressly designed to streamline business processes and increase NetSuite user productivity. Learn more at 79Consulting.com


Cargo owners and freight forwarders have traditionally tracked containers by calling carriers or visiting websites. At Vizion, we replace manual, error-prone approaches with an API that pushes accurate location updates and ETAs to your ERP, TMS or other system. Our API normalizes data from multiple sources for fast, confident decision-making. And those sources are already connected, giving you instant-on capabilities. Our data is the most complete and reliable available, including EDI, AIS, port/terminal events, plus more. We refresh these sources multiple times daily to reduce latency to 6 hours or less. Track a container now at vizionapi.com.

Original Source: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/630038038/79consulting-vizion-launch-referral-partnership

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