3rdwave Integrates With Vizion to Bring Ocean Freight Visibility to Users

3rdwave Integrates With Vizion to Bring Ocean Freight Visibility to Users

3rdwave and Vizion have announced a commercial partnership that will bring Vizion’s ocean freight visibility data into 3rdwave’s dashboard while connecting Vizion users to 3rdwave’s International Transportation Management platform.

Tracking products from their points of origin overseas to their final destinations here in the United States has traditionally been a challenge for beneficial cargo owners (BCOs). As containers filled with products make their way across oceans, the owners of those products struggle to know exactly where the containers are located — and when they will arrive at their ports of destination.

In addition to the legacy challenges of tracking inbound products, monitoring progress has become even more difficult in the 2020s. The number of containerized goods coming into the United States has reached record levels in 2021 and 2022, which has led to backups at U.S. ports and an exacerbation of already poor visibility into the location of ocean freight. 

3rdwave aims to provide tranquility for BCOs in this era of supply chain turbulence. Its International Transportation Management platform provides total transportation life-cycle management for anyone seeking better visibility into the location of products around the world. 

To offer a truly comprehensive view into where products are located at any given moment, 3rdwave needed to improve its ocean freight visibility with track-and-trace capabilities made possible by ocean carriers’ 315 messages. Building direct integrations to each ocean carrier would have been time- and cost-prohibitive for 3rdwave, so it went in search of a partner that 3rdwave could integrate with in order to provide the needed data to its users.

3rdwave selected Vizion as its ocean freight visibility provider because Vizion:

  1. Provided the coverage across ocean carriers that 3rdwave needed.
  2. Standardized carriers’ 315 messages rather than passing non-standardized messages.
  3. Made the integration process simple, allowing 3rdwave to connect quickly.
  4. Offered a roadmap that included new functionality important to 3rdwave.

“3rdwave’s primary deliverable is to dramatically reduce the cost of importing by providing product-level visibility to our customers across their global supply chains, and to achieve this it is imperative that we make sense of every message from each carrier,” said 3rdwave CEO David Blinick. “Vizion standardizes these messages across all carriers making this job more straightforward for us. It is why our partnership is such a great achievement as we move forward.”  

“3rdwave and Vizion share a common goal of providing supply chain visibility in as close to real-time as possible to cargo owners and others in the industry,” said Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson. “That common goal made this relationship a natural fit, and we look forward to providing the highest level of visibility to those that need it during this time of supply chain delays and challenges.”

As a result of this partnership, 3rdwave’s users have already been able to reduce per diem charges (including demurrage, detention and chassis fees) by more than 45%. 3rdwave’s users have also been able to leverage Vizion’s data for better prioritization and decision-making, while using inbound product visibility to shorten inventory turns.

About 3rdwave

3rdwave’s software platform enables beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) the ability to achieve the highest level of product visibility across their global supply chains. With best-in-class ability to capture, integrate, and contextualize data from various sources, 3rdwave is capable of delivering unparalleled value in the GTM space. 3rdwave applications include International Transportation Management, Freight Contract Management, Shipping Execution, Port and Delivery Control, among others. 

About Vizion

Vizion is an API-based solution for ocean freight visibility. The company’s API helps logistics service providers, cargo owners, and other stakeholders act on their digital ambitions by integrating essential data and insights into existing enterprise systems and delivering a stronger customer experience. Vizion’s products include visibility APIs, data benchmarking, and enriched, accessible datasets built on fundamentally sound information technology infrastructures.

Source: 3rdwave Integrates With Vizion to Bring Ocean Freight Visibility to Users (einpresswire.com)

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