Top 25 Freight Forwarders in Global Trade

Top 25 Freight Forwarders in Global Trade

Freight forwarding providers serve a vital role in the day-to-day logistics and planning of the world’s supply chain networks and shipping routes. The combination of pandemic-related shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, and increased consumer demand has created the perfect storm the industry is facing today. As highlighted by 2022 research, “in 2019, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to around 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow even further at a quicker pace in the coming few years. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide.” With demand rising, shippers are looking for the best and largest freight forwarders working in the industry today. The top freight forwarders today, based on the number of containers moved yearly, are as follows. 

1. Kuehne + Nagel, Switzerland, 4,550,000 Containers Yearly

As one of the top freight forwarders, Kuehne + Nagel specializes in logistics management and delivery services, all with the intent to keep inventory moving, shelves full, and customers satisfied. They offer customized services and access to some of the greatest capacity and containers available.

2. Sinotrans Ltd., China, 3,770,000 Containers Yearly

Rated among one of the largest freight forwarders, this company offers exceptional services for global forwarding and shipping needs. Sinotrans offers many customized options to meet customer needs and keep the supply chain moving even during market volatility. 

3. DHL Global Forwarding, Germany, 2,832,000 Containers Yearly

When looking at top freight forwarders, these providers offer reliable access to capacity and forwarding services among the best in the industry. DHL Global Forwarding knows how to handle a range of cargo and freight types and provides excellent services, rates, and insights for shippers of all sizes.

4. DSV A/S Denmark. 2,204,902 Containers Yearly

Leading freight forwarders like this forwarder work with companies of all sizes to help grow and strengthen shipping services and customer reach. From live track and trace to 24/7 services, they know how to keep freight moving and work to keep customers and providers in the loop.

5. DB Schenker, Germany, 2,042,000 Containers Yearly

When looking for reliable freight forwarding providers, scope and services matter, and this company has plenty to offer. DB Schenker handles a range of container and cargo types and specializes in global freight logistics, handling, scheduling, and tracking, among other services.

6. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, US, 1,200,000 Containers Yearly

With a keen eye on logistics, capacity, and optimization, this company ranks with the best freight forwarders thanks to its commitment to reducing dead miles and improving supply chain flow. This forwarder will help companies improve logistics and management to keep cargo moving.

7. Ceva Logistics, France, 1,050,000 Containers Yearly

 Top freight forwarders, including international providers, help keep the supply chain network operating at optimal levels. Ceva has the capacity needed and the experience sought after by forwarders across multiple markets and industries for many years and is continuing strong.

8. Kerry Logistics, Hong Kong, 1,019,924 Containers Yearly

Kerry Logistics offer services that focus on providing reliable shipping times and smooth deliveries, no matter what cargo is involved. Landing in the top ten list of best freight forwarders these experts handle a wide range of cargo and container types for global distribution and transportation. 

9. Expeditors International, US, 1,012,600 Containers Yearly

This freight forwarding provider offers LCL services, customized features, and innovative solutions for the most common forwarding and shipping needs and challenges. New companies or leading professionals can all benefit from these innovative forwarding services.

10. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Germany, 955,800 Containers Yearly

One of the largest freight forwarders, these experts specialize in services ranging from logistics to track and trace and offer services to a wide range of industries within the global market. Fast, reliable, affordable, and personalized, they can move cargo safely and easily.

11. Geodis, France, 866,631 Containers Yearly

Falling just shy of the top ten, this company still ranks high among the best freight forwarders due to its range of services and reputation within the freight forwarding industry. Many industries depend on Geodis for fast and dependable shipping, tracking, and logistical assistance. 

12. Fr. Meyer's Sohn, Germany, 850,000 Containers Yearly

 Leading freight forwarders, such as this provider, manage logistics and tracking with the latest innovations in technology and forwarding tools. Integrated systems, real-time monitoring, and state-of-the-art services ensure freight gets to where it needs to go safely and securely.

13. Yusen Logistics, Japan, 764,000 Containers Yearly

As a global provider of freight forwarding, this company offers services ranging from supply chain solutions, end-to-end monitoring, optimal logistics, and more. They have the tools, insight, services, and expertise to master global forwarding logistics. 

14. Bollore Logistics, France, 761,000 Containers Yearly

Shipping and logistics managers looking for expert freight forwarding providers can greatly benefit from the services available by this leading logistics company. Forwarding services, delivery specifications, and custom services are the norm and have given them a high reputation.

15. Agility Logistics, Kuwait, 740,000 Containers Yearly

Shippers value this freight forwarder for its multiple temperature storage zones, cold chain solutions, and real-time visibility, among other valuable services. As one of the best freight forwarders, this company is regarded as a leader in contract logistics and oil and gas projects. 

16. Worldwide Logistics Group, China, 707,803 Containers Yearly

Leading freight forwarders like this company provide clients with real-time visibility into freight through tracking and tracing technologies, tools, and platforms. They make getting containers from Point A to Point B easier with less hassle and trouble from start to finish.

17. Logwin, AG Luxembourg, 690,000 Containers Yearly

Among top freight forwarders, this company offers exceptional insight into transportation and logistical management for global distribution. Accessing e-fulfillment, customized track and trace, optimized logistics solutions, and personalized notification is easy with this company. 

18. AllCargo Logistics, India, 684,000 Containers Yearly

Freight forwarding service providers like this one give managers and team members the latest in supply chain services, features, and options. Many industries and markets depend on AllCargo for reliable shipping and logistical services at an affordable price compared to market rates.

19. Nippon Express, Japan, 660,152 Containers Yearly

 Leading freight forwarders such as Nippon Express offer a range of services like cross-border logistics, track and trace, real-time notifications, and reliable support. Nippon offers essential services needed for global logistics and continues to provide reliable and affordable services to customers. 

20. OOCL Logistics, Hong Kong, 660,000 Containers Yearly

The largest freight forwarders, such as this company offer a host of valuable services for global trade and transportation, import and export, and global supply chain logistics management. They ensure customers have the tools, technology, and insights needed to keep up with market trends. 

21. Kintetsu World Express, Japan, 644,464 Containers Yearly

The best freight forwarders diversify their services and provide various options to meet customers where they are and help them reach their end goals. This company gives clients access to real-time data, tracking, logistics, and insights into market trends and processes.

22. Leschaco, Germany, 636,000 Containers Yearly

With multiple service areas, shipping zones, supply chain solutions, and real-time visibility, among other valuable services, this company earns its spot as one of the largest freight forwarders. Innovation, customization, and automation make the company a leader among forwarding pros.

23. UPS Supply Chain Solutions, US, 620,000 Containers Yearly

Leading freight forwarders work with companies of all sizes to help strengthen and expand shipping services, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions does all of this and more. From live track and trace to 24/7 services, they know how to keep freight moving and work to keep customers and providers in the loop.

24. Damco/Maersk Logistics, The Netherlands, 577,084 Containers Yearly

When looking at top freight forwarders, a provider like this offers reliable access to capacity and forwarding services for multiple industry markets. They know how to handle cargo loads of all sizes and types and provide customers with outstanding services, rates, and insights.

25. Cargo Services Far East, Hong Kong, 566,000 Containers Yearly

Integrated logistics, freight management systems, real-time monitoring, and state-of-the-art services secure this company’s place among the best freight forwarding providers. Global logistics and shipping are easy with the right tools, insight, and guidance from industry experts.  

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