The Vizion Port Index Indicates Efficiency in March

The Vizion Port Index Indicates Efficiency in March

Each month, Vizion publishes its Port Index, which is a measurement of how efficiently major ports around the United States are performing. The data shared in the Port Index can be helpful to shippers, logistics service providers and others that are searching for the most efficient way to move containers off of vessels and out of ports and terminals.

The Port Index measures the average number of days it takes for:

  • Vessels to move from arrival to berth.
  • Vessels to remain at mooring.
  • Containers to move from discharge to gate out.

The sum of these three measurements provides a total that indicates how efficient or inefficient any given port is over a certain period of time. The lower the total, the more efficient the port has been. This edition of the Vizion Port Index looks at port performance across March 2023.

If you’re interested in connecting port performance data to your own TMS, ERP or other software system, get in touch with us to learn more about our data sets.

The March 2023 Vizion Port Index

Vizion data across March 2023 shows the following averages at all 26 major ports around the country:

  • Vessel arrival to berth: 0.38 days
  • Vessel at mooring: 1.16 days
  • Container dwell time: 3.34 days
  • Total: 4.87 days
  • Percent change: -19.32

On average, U.S. ports grew slightly less efficient in February (6.65) compared to January (6.03 days) of 2023, but March was far and away the most efficient month of the year to date at 4.87 days. This lower total number could be a function of a slowdown in ocean freight imports at ports around the nation.

The best performing ports in March included Norfolk (3.75), New York (4.16), Savannah (4.17), Charleston (4.20), Mobile (4.22) and Philadelphia (4.51). The list of ports taking longer-than-average times to turnover containers was heavily dominated by West Coast gateways, including Oakland (6.88), Seattle (6.95), Long Beach (7.34), Tacoma (7.82) and Los Angeles (8.09).

Houston showed the biggest month-over-month improvement at -32.85%, and Philadelphia experienced the greatest month-over-month decline at +22.47%.

See the data for all 14 ports across March:

Add Port Performance Data to Your System

Vizion users can add this port performance data to their TMSs, ERPs or other software systems. If you’re interested in high-quality container tracking data and data sets like port performance, get in touch with one of our ocean freight experts.

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