New From Vizion: Terminal/Port Events + Container Trace

New From Vizion: Terminal/Port Events + Container Trace

Get a first look at two new Vizion features that can help streamline your supply chain and provide a higher level of intelligence for optimizing management, reducing costs, and better serving your own customers.

Our Terminal/Port Events and Container Trace features are now available in beta with a full launch planned for early 2023. Continue reading to learn more about these features and what they can do for your business, and chat with one of our ocean freight experts if you’re interested in testing out these new features now.

Actionable Terminal/Port Events

Managing detention and demurrage fees has become a much higher priority in this age of supply chain disruptions. Vizion’s Terminal/Port Events empower cargo owners and logistics service providers to understand when a container has been discharged at the point of destination.

With access to these Terminal/Port Events, Vizion users enhance their visibility and can optimize how a terminal or port is used for processing and/or storing containers. Enhanced visibility and the opportunity for optimization allow you to reduce fees and even transform detention and demurrage into tools you can use to better manage your organization’s supply chain.

Specifically, our terminal and port data creates two new milestones available to users:

  1. Last Free Day (or Free Time to Expire)
  2. Container Available for Pickup

Last Free Day (or Free Time to Expire) alerts users to when they must remove a container from a terminal or port before demurrage fees start. And it also alerts users when they must return a container to a terminal or port before detention fees start. Our Last Free Day feature allows for advanced coordination with drayage providers to ensure that fees are not unnecessarily incurred.

Container Available for Pickup empowers users to proactively plan for the moment when a container is ready to leave a terminal or port. Knowing when a container is available is far more actionable than knowing when a container has been discharged from a ship. Use Vizion’s Container Available for Pickup feature to streamline your supply chain operations and spend less time waiting for containers to be made available.

Advanced Container Tracing

You can also now create visualizations of any container’s true path with Vizion’s Container Trace feature. AIS-based event locations have traditionally been used to estimate a container’s journey from point of origin to destination. But AIS vessel locations don’t provide enough information to represent a container’s true path, which is non-linear and far more informative than an estimate.

Our new Container Trace feature brings an advanced level of location data to users of Vizion’s platform. The outcome is a higher quality user experience, and, ultimately, true container location data that’s closer to real-time than anything else available.

Get Started With Vizion’s New Features

Vizion offers the most complete and reliable ocean freight data in the industry, and these new features only improve how cargo owners, freight forwarders, and others can use our platform to achieve greater visibility, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. 

We’re looking for users and prospective users to try Terminal/Port Events and Container Trace, and you can now get a first look at these features in beta. We’re planning a full launch for early 2023.

Want to learn more about Terminal/Port Events or Container Trace? Schedule time to chat with one of our ocean freight experts.

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