Shippers and Cargo Owners

The pandemic is stress-testing the global supply chain.

It’s never been more challenging for shippers and BCOs to simply know where their ocean freight is, when it will arrive, and why it was delayed.

When you don’t know where, when, or why:

Products aren’t on shelves or you can’t manage inventory

Purchase orders get cancelled

Partnerships and strategic relationships are jeopardized

Sales velocity decreases, revenue and profits are lost

Customer satisfaction decreases or confidence is lost altogether

Teams must compensate, affecting moral and job satisfaction

Multiple forwarder or carrier dashboards must be managed

There's a better way!

Discover the use case and potential ROI for beneficial cargo owners.

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Stop Wondering and Start Knowing

Get equipped with the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking events pushed to your software system or spreadsheet. Tracking events like:

Ocean freight tracking

Ocean exception alerts

Enhanced locations

Enhanced terminal visibility

Vessel verification

Vessel tracking, and live ETAs

Complete customs data

Enhanced drayage visibility

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How Shippers and BCOs Leverage VIZION's API

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