Port & Terminal Connections

Automatically push container-related Port & Terminal Events like Last Free Date and Available for Pickup to your ERP, TMS or other software system.

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Reduce Demurrage Charges

Our Last Free Date (or Free Time to Expire) event alerts you to when demurrage charges will start so that you can plan for pickups and reduce these avoidable costs.

enhance coordination
Enhance Drayage Coordination

The Available for Pickup event lets you know the date when and the terminal where your containers can be collected, allowing you to coordinate with drayage providers.

audit costs
Audit & Verify Your Fees

Vizion’s Port & Terminal Events work in tandem with our other events to empower you to audit your detention and demurrage fees — and to verify that they are accurate.

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Automate Last Free Date Alerts

All ports and terminals give shippers a certain number of days to pickup containers before demurrage charges start. Vizion’s Last Free Date event automatically alerts you to when those charges will begin so that you can coordinate pickups with your drayage providers.

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Know when demurrage charges start.
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Coordinate pickups with your drayage providers.
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Save money by avoiding costly fees.

Configure Available for Pickup Notifications

Shippers must clear all fees and know where their containers are located before arranging for pickups. Vizion’s Available for Pickup event allows you to eliminate time and money wasted when drayage providers arrive at ports and terminals before containers are ready.

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Know when all fees are cleared for any container.
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Get details on where containers are located for pickup.
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Save money by reducing your drayage provider’s wait time.
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stacked sea freight containers
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notification for vessel arrival
notification for gate out

Leverage Events for Full Visibility

Maximize visibility by using Port & Terminal Events in tandem with other events that share when containers discharge from vessels, when they gate out of ports, when they return empty, plus others. These events collectively give you enhanced visibility into your supply chain.

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Use Port & Terminal Events in tandem with other Vizion events.
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Enjoy full visibility into the journey of ocean freight containers.
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Better manage inventory and create efficiencies across your supply chain.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies

Case studies from some of our amazing customers.

We wanted something that was simple, enter containers and tell us the status updates.”

Hector / 1Concier

“The Vizion team is always looking for ways to change how people approach visibility, and raising the bar on what customers can and should expect from their visibility platforms.”

Lucas / Kestrel Insights

“Visibility is a huge part of the future of the global supply chain. Vizion is an important addition to our suite of visibility solutions so that freight forwarders can take important steps toward embracing that future.”

Brian / Chain.io

“Partnering with Vizion, we bring an ‘X-ray’ into containers for forwarders as they seek to provide their shipping customers detailed insights into cargo visibility and status.”

James / Raft.ai

“Vizion standardizes these messages across all carriers making this job more straightforward for us. It is why our partnership is such a great achievement as we move forward.”

David / 3rdwave

“We are very pleased to have found in Vizion a partner with the same passion for pushing the digitalization of supply chains and providing high quality solutions.”

Martin / BlueBox Systems

Integrate Vizion to Leading ERPs and TMSs

Connect Vizion’s Port & Terminal Events to these leading platforms, plus any ERP, TMS or other software system.

Blu Jay
Manhattan Associates
Blue Yonder
3G Matrics

Know What’s Happening With Your Ocean Freight in as Close to Real-Time as Possible

Vizion automatically pushes Port & Terminal Events to your ERP, TMS or other software system, empowering you to reduce demurrage fees while increasing visibility into port activity. The result is that you can more proactively and strategically plan the movement of containers once they discharge at U.S. ports.


Enhance Your Visibility

Few cargo owners or freight forwarders know what happens with their containers after discharge at ports. Vizion’s Port & Terminal Events give you accurate status updates that help you better plan and manage your supply chain.


Eliminate Time-Consuming Processes

Traditionally, cargo owners have made calls, sent emails and visited websites to get status updates on their containers after discharge. But these manual tracking processes are time-consuming, prone to error and impossible to scale.


Streamline Your Supply Chain

Knowing when your containers are nearing their last free date and when they are available for pickup allows you to better coordinate with drayage providers. This level of visibility leads to better management of inventory and a streamlining of your supply chain.

cost savings

Reduce Ocean Freight Costs

Port & Terminal Events, when used in tandem with other Vizion events, allow you to better manage or avoid altogether costly fees. These events also allow you to audit detention and demurrage fees, verifying that they are accurate.

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