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No code-low code ocean container tracking

A simple solution that doesn’t require an army of software developers.

Vizion offers shippers, BCOs, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and software developers reliable, real-time visibility with a simple no-code solution that fits their short- or long-term goals for ocean container tracking.

Even if they have limited to no technical experience, they can get started using a simple-to-set-up workbook and their Vizion API key.

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A cargo ship being loaded with sea freight containers

What you need to get started

The no-code workbook

a document and magnifying glass made of lines and dots

Vizion provides a simple to set up workbook to start tracking containers immediately once customers have their Vizion API key.

Containers Tab

This is where the solution will list all containers that are actively being tracked.


All of the updates generated for active containers will appear here. This tab updates about every minute and flattens the data into a user-friendly, readable format.

Archive Tab

Assists in cleaning up the track-and-trace

With this no-code/low-code solution, it’s easy to:

list bullet point
Add customer-level information to the workbook and Google Data Studio
list bullet point
Add the age of an event to the Google Data Studio
list bullet point
Utilize pivot tables to view data at the customer level
list bullet point
Add public data from external websites
list bullet point
Clean up track-and-trace data
list bullet point
Create custom filters for fast customer search for proactive updates
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No Code Ocean Container Tracking

Learn more about the no-code workbook

Tap into the power of VIZION API solutions

See? You don’t have to be a technology expert to put VIZION’s world-class container tracking APIs to work for you. To get started with an API key from the VIZION sales team, start by booking a demo.

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