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Port & Terminal Events

Automatically push container-related Port & Terminal Events like Last Free Date and Available for Pick to your ERP, TMS or other software system.

aerial shipping container yard with some Vizion information inside a bubble
blue shipping container with some Vizion information inside a bubble

Data set details

Performance is the key metric. It shows the average time from when a vessel arrives to when containers gate out for a look into end to end port processing.

Performance change is the key metric to monitor in this data set for overall port changes

Global vessel events

Import dwell time for all major US ports

Container volumes at all US ports

Aggregated to the port level, per day

Port, region, and national roll-ups included

Last 7 days and prior 8-14 day aggregations included for easy comparison

Things to know

Port performance is time focused, how long does a container take to gate out from when it arrives on a vessel? Time measurements can be compared against volume measurements in the data for insights into what drivers changes in performance time.

Port performance data does contain data for future dates such as vessels expected to berth at this time but no other future or predictive data points are included.

Port performance is not port congestion. Today Vizion only tracks container vessels, not tankers, breakbulk, etc. Because we do not track all vessels we can not truly say what vessel congestion is at a port.

Vessel data is global, container data is US only

Questions this data set can answer

Should I ship to a different port based on historical arrival to gate out time trends for ports in use today?

Are volumes shifting to different ports and changing the port performance time?

Do containers or vessel volumes affect port performance for a given port?