Logistic Tech Providers

Market volatility is stress-testing the global supply chain.

For LogTech companies to compete, providing timely container information is a non-negotiable. The question is, do you build the tech in-house or buy it from a third party?

When deciding build or buy, consider:

Time to market vis-a-vis your opportunity window within the competitive landscape

The true cost of aggregating, normalizing, enriching, and maintaining dozens of disparate data sources

The fact that 69% of LogTech companies overestimate their in-house capabilities related to this type of work

The fact that 74% of LogTech companies underestimate the cost and time required

Don’t be out of control. There's a better way!

Get to Market Faster and Cheaper

Get turnkey API access to the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking events on the market. Tracking events like:

Ocean freight tracking

Ocean exception alerts

Enhanced locations

Enhanced terminal visibility

Vessel verification

Vessel tracking, and live ETAs

Complete customs data

Enhanced drayage visibility

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