VIZION Seamlessly Connects Supply Chain Partners

End-to-end visibility tightly aligns stakeholders to help them succeed.

Deep integration capabilities keep manufacturers, shippers, BCO’s, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and digital solutions developers connected and up to date with information and alerts regarding container shipments globally.

With VIZION’s proprietary API technology, stakeholders can access track-and-trace data in a single source of truth global database that connects to a host of third-party software systems. Data is entered once and is then made available across the entire supply chain network of partners in real time, providing global data visibility to all parties.

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Extensive Configurations & Integrations

Get equipped with the most complete, standardized, and detailed container tracking events pushed to your software system or spreadsheet. Tracking events like:

Enterprise Resource Planning Platforms

Transportation Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

Digital Freight Marketplaces

Logistics Control Tower Solutions

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Benefits of Automated Integrations

Connecting automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities through API to all supply chain partners in a single source of truth ecosystem offers many benefits:

Standardized milestone events across all carriers

Reliable and differentiated delivery estimates

Better support for customers waiting on delivery

Fewer costs tracking down containers mid-shipment

Alerts for blockages and shipment exceptions with the ability to address them

Analytics on supply chain performance

Tracks shipments from the loading of the container to delivery at destination

Drives agile, resilient-decision making

Reduces errors and costs associated with manual data collection and sharing

Helps mitigate risks associated with customs, compliance, border regulations, unnecessary delays, and fines.

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Experience Container Visibility Like Never Before

VIZION is a leader in ocean visibility. Our promises of the highest quality data and the easiest access to data allow businesses to quickly integrate them with current systems or develop new solutions on top of clean, enriched, standardized data. Having the data you need and expect alleviates questions about the status of your shipments and allows you to focus your business on actionable insights.